Experimental characterization of a 400  Gbit/s orbital angular momentum multiplexed free-space optical link over 120 m

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Ren, Yongxiong ; Wang, Zhe ; Liao, Peicheng ; Li, Long ; Xie, Guodong ; Huang, Hao ; Zhao, Zhe ; Yan, Yan ; Ahmed, Nisar ; Willner, Asher ; Lavery, Martin P.J. ; Ashrafi, Nima ; Ashrafi, Solyman ; Bock, Robert ; Tur, Moshe ; Djordjevic, Ivan B. ; Neifeld, Mark A. ; Willner, Alan E. (2016)

We experimentally demonstrate and characterize the\ud performance of a 400-Gbit/s orbital angular momentum\ud (OAM) multiplexed free-space optical link over 120-\ud meters on the roof of a building. Four OAM beams, each\ud carrying a 100-Gbit/s QPSK channel are multiplexed and\ud transmitted. We investigate the influence of channel\ud impairments on the received power, inter-modal\ud crosstalk among channels, and system power penalties.\ud Without laser tracking and compensation systems, the\ud measured received power and crosstalk among OAM\ud channels fluctuate by 4.5 dB and 5 dB, respectively, over\ud 180 seconds. For a beam displacement of 2 mm that\ud corresponds to a pointing error less than 16.7 μrad, the\ud link bit-error-rates are below the forward error\ud correction threshold of 3.8×10-3 for all channels. Both\ud experimental and simulation results show that power\ud penalties increase rapidly when the displacement\ud increases.
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