From education to research: A journey of utilising virtual training

Article English OPEN
Stewart-Lord, A (2016)

© 2015 Cambridge University Press.Background London South Bank University (LSBU) has successfully implemented Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training (VERT) across the therapeutic radiography training curricula and are now supporting the use of VERT for patient education in clinical departments. A number of publications have reported on the use of VERT in education and training; more recent literature has focused on the use of VERT for patient education. Materials and methods The successful introduction of VERT before students' first clinical placements resulted in the development of a 'Pre-Clinical week' where students practice and improve their technical skills, using the hand controls without a patient present, leading to increased confidence in clinical practice. Other examples of VERT curriculum integration at LSBU focused on the use of VERT for anatomy teaching. The more recent innovation at LSBU relevant to VERT integration has been the design, development and implementation of collaborative research projects where the aims of the studies were to explore patients' perceptions of VERT as an information giving resource before radiotherapy delivery. Summary The introduction of VERT as education tool has enabled academic staff to develop a range of teaching methods to embed virtual training into the traditional classroom setting, demonstrating innovation and collaboration.
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