'Localised creativity: a life span perspective'

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Worth, Piers J.;

This thesis is based around a biographic study of the lives of 40 individuals (24 men and 16 women) with a reputation for creative work in a localised context (such as an organisation). The study examines life span development patterns from birth to middle age (45 - 60 ... View more
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    2.7.2 The Late Life Style

    2.7.3 Further Indications from Self-Report and Biographic Study

    2.7.4 Conclusions from a Review of Middle Age Creative Activity Part 4 - Additional Contributing Theories 2.8 The Relationship of Creativity to Other Theories

    2.8.1 Self-Actualisation

    2.8.2 Flow

    2.8.3 Creativity, Flow and Self-Actualisation

    2.8.4 Creativity as “Health” Part 5 - Research Questions 2.9 Research Questions and Focus of Analysis

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