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A method for assessing fidelity of delivery of telephone behavioral support for smoking cessation.

Fabiana Lorencatto; Robert West; Carla Bruguera; Susan Michie;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Jun 2014
  • Country: United Kingdom
Objectives: Behavioral support for smoking cessation is delivered through different modalities, often guided by treatment manuals. Recently developed methods for assessing fidelity of delivery have shown that face-to-face behavioral support is often not delivered as specified in the service treatment manual. This study aimed to extend this method to evaluate fidelity of telephone-delivered behavioral support. \ud \ud Method: A treatment manual and transcripts of 75 audio-recorded behavioral support sessions were obtained from the United Kingdom's national Quitline service and coded into component behavior change techniques (BCTs) using a taxonomy of 45 smoking c...
free text keywords: Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry and Mental health, Behavior change methods, Quitline, Fidelity, media_common.quotation_subject, media_common, PsycINFO, Low fidelity, Inter-rater reliability, Behavior change, Psychotherapist, Smoking cessation, medicine.medical_treatment, medicine, business.industry, business, RA0421

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publication . Article . 2014

A method for assessing fidelity of delivery of telephone behavioral support for smoking cessation.

Fabiana Lorencatto; Robert West; Carla Bruguera; Susan Michie;