Profitability determination in the United Kingdom brewing industry

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Hope-Stone, Hugh William;
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This project analyses the determination of profitability in the United Kingdom brewing industry during the period 1972-1982. It is based on a. sample of fifteen brewing companies including the major national and regional companies.\ud \ud The study examines previous lit... View more
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    5.1 Beer production in the Netherlands, 1978-1980.

    5.2 The changing proportion of packaged beer in the Netherlands, 1961-1975 5.3 The proportion of beer drunk in the Netherlands at home, 1940-1974 5.4 Estimated market-shares of the leading brewery groups in the Netherlands, 1973.

    5.5 Net profit as a percentage of sales for Heineken and Skol, 1971-1975.

    5.6 Domestic investment as % of sales by Heineken, Skol and Grolsch, 1970-1974 5.7 Estimated publicity expenditure for selected brands of beer in the Netherlands, 1971-1972 6.1 Concentration industry, 1963-1974.

    7.1 Number of UK breweries and brewery companies. 1940-1983.

    7.2 Market-share of the major UK brewers in the off and on-licenced trades in 1982 7.3 Brewers ownership of licenced premises in the UK as a % of the total, 1977-1979.

    7.4 UK TV and press advertising expenditure on beer in 1983 by the top 10 advertisers.

    7.5 Net fixed investments in the UK brewing industry, 1976-1982.

    7.7 Profit as a % of capital employed in the UK brewing industry, 1974-1976.

    12.1 Average ROI and average market-share 1972-1982.

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