The political economy of mining laws and regulations in Namibia from 1884 to 1986

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Kawana, Albert Jacob;
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This thesis deals with the political economy of mining laws\ud and regulation in Namibia from 1884 to 1986. Mining laws and\ud regulations have played an important role in the exploitation\ud of Namibia's mineral resources since the colonial period.\ud They have also pl... View more
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    4.1 A Brief History of Uranium

    4.2 Uranium Contracts

    4.2.1 Analysis of Sales Contracts A Spot Sales Contracts • Short-term Sales Contracts • Long-term Contracts

    4.2.2 Rossing uranium Contracts A Uranium Prices • Uranium Profits • Transportation and Processing

    2.5 Legal Status of Private Foreign Investment

    3.1 The Mandate System and Natural Resources

    3.2 South Africa's Behaviour

    3.2.1 Background to the Termination of the Mandate

    3.2.2 Termination of the Mandate

    3.3 Legal Status of Mining Concessions

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