Allopatric diversification and evolutionary melting pot in a North African Palearctic relict: the biogeographic history of Salamandra algira

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Dinis, Marco; Merabet, Khaled; Martínez-Freiría, Fernando; Steinfartz, Sebastian; Vences, Miguel; Burgon, James D.; Elmer, Kathryn R.; Donaire, David; Hinckley, Arlo; Fahd, Soumia; Joger, Ulrich; Fawzi, Adnane; Slimani, Tahar; Velo-Antón, Guillermo;
  • Publisher: Elsevier

North Africa is a climatically and topographically complex region with unique biotic assemblages resulting from the combination of multiple biogeographic realms. Here, we assess the role of climate in promoting intra-specific diversification in a Palearctic relict, the ... View more
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