Contributions to the psychological evaluation of UK exercise referral: the ER-QLS a measure of exercise-related life-quality

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The benefits of physical activity for health are sufficient enough to be incorporated into UK public health policy and the exercise referral scheme is a popular method of engaging sedentary individuals into a more active lifestyle. However, the evidence base as to the e... View more
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    6.5 Instructions for Administrators 6.6 Discussion 6.6.1 Item Generation 6.6.2 Item Construction 6.6.3 Cognitive Pre-testing 6.6.4 Item and Scale Analyses 6.7 Conclusions CHAPTER VII Discussion and Conclusions 7.1 Introduction 7.2 The ER-QLS and the Measurement of Life Quality 7.3 Exercise-Related Life-Quality 7.4 Beyond Cause and Effect 7.5 Strengths and Limitations of the Research Programme 7.6 Future Research Directions 7.6.1 Qualitative Research and Theoretical Contributions 7.6.2 Further Validation of the ER-QLS and Longitudinal Study 7.7 Implications for Policy and Practice 7.8 Conclusions References Appendices Appendix 1 NRES Participant Information Sheet: Focus Groups Appendix 2 Information for Participants : Focus Group Appendix 3 Consent Form Appendix 4 NVivo Node Report Appendix 5 NRES Participant Information Sheet: Questionnaire Pre-Testing Appendix 6 Pre-Testing Information for Participants: Self Complete Appendix 7 Pre-Testing Information for Participants : Interview/Telephone Appendix 8 Interviewer Probe Protocol 1 Appendix 9 Interviewer Probe Protocol 2 Appendix 10 Interviewer Probe Protocol 3 Appendix 11 Pre-Testing Outcome Report: Self Complete Appendix 12 Pre-Testing Outcome Report: Interview-Administered Appendix 13 Pre-Testing Outcome Report: Telephone Administered Appendix 14 Test Questionnaire Appendix 15 NRES Participant Information Sheet: Questionnaire Validation Appendix 16 Questionnaire Validation Information for Participants

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