Ferropericlase inclusions in ultradeep diamonds from Sao Luiz (Brazil): High Li\ud abundances and diverse Li-isotope and trace element compositions suggest an origin\ud from a subduction mélange

Article English OPEN
Seitz, Hans-Michael; Brey, Gerhard P.; Harris, Jeffrey W.; Durali-Müller, Soodabeh; Ludwig, Thomas; Höfer, Heidi E.;
  • Publisher: Springer

The most remarkable feature of the inclusion suite in ultradeep alluvial and kimberlitic diamonds from Sao Luiz (Juina area in Brazil) is the enormous range in Mg# [100xMg/(Mg + Fe)] of the ferropericlases (fper). The Mg-richer ferropericlases are from the boundary to t... View more
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