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Constructs for Programming with Graph Rewrites

Peter Rodgers;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Mar 2000
  • Country: United Kingdom
Graph rewriting is becoming increasingly popular as a method for programming with graph based data structures. We present several modifications to a basic serial graph rewriting paradigm and discuss how they improve coding programs in the Grrr graph rewriting programming language. The constructs we present are once only nodes, attractor nodes and single match rewrites. We illustrate the operation of the constructs by example. The advantages of adding these new rewrite modifiers is to reduce the size of programs, improve the efficiency of execution and simplify the host graph undergoing rewriting.
arXiv: Computer Science::Programming LanguagesComputer Science::Logic in Computer ScienceComputer Science::Symbolic Computation
ACM Computing Classification System: TheoryofComputation_MATHEMATICALLOGICANDFORMALLANGUAGES
free text keywords: QA76
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