Measurement of prompt hadron production ratios in pp collisions at √s=0.9 and 7 TeV

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Back, J. J.; Craik, Daniel; Dossett, D.; Gershon, T. J.; Harrison, P. F.; Kreps, Michal; Latham, Thomas; Pilar, T.; Poluektov, Anton; Reid, Matthew M.; Silva Coutinho, R.; Whitehead, M. (Mark); Williams, M. P.; HASH(0x5576c9ed8510);

The charged-particle production ratios pˉ/p , K −/K +, π −/π +, (p+pˉ)/(π++π−) , (K ++K −)/(π ++π −) and (p+pˉ)/(K++K−) are measured with the LHCb detector using 0.3 nb−1 of pp collisions delivered by the LHC at √s=0.9 TeV and 1.8 nb−1 at √s=7 TeV . The measurements are... View more
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