Effective proton-neutron interaction near the drip line from unbound states in 25,26 F

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Vandebrouck, M.; Lepailleur, A.; Sorlin, O; Aumann, T.; Caesar, C.; Holl, M.; Panin, V.; Wamers, F.; Stroberg, S. R.; Holt, J. D.; De Oliveira Santos, F.; Alvarez-Pol, H.; Atar, L.; Avdeichikov, V.; Beceiro-Novo, S.; Bemmerer, D.; Benlliure, J.; Bertulani, C. A.; Bogner, S. K.; Boillos, J. M.; Boretzky, K.; Borge, M. J. G.; Caamaño, M.; Casarejos, E.; Catford, W; Cederkäll, J.; Chartier, M.; Chulkov, L. V.; Cortina-Gil, D; Cravo, E.; ... view all 50 authors
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    arxiv: Nuclear Theory | Nuclear Experiment

Background: Odd-odd nuclei, around doubly closed shells, have been extensively used to study proton-neutron interactions. However, the evolution of these interactions as a function of the binding energy, ultimately when nuclei become unbound, is poorly known. The F26 nu... View more
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