The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth: A Pragmatic Guide to Assessing Empirical Evaluations

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Blackburn, Stephen M; Diwan, Amer; Hauswirth, Mattias; Sweeney, Peter F; Amaral, Jose Nelson; Brecht, Tim; Bulej, Lubomr; Click, Cliff; Eeckhout, Lieven; Fischmeister, Sebastian; Frampton, Daniel; Hendren, Laurie J; Hind, Michael; Hosking, Antony L; Jones, Richard E.; Kalibera, Tomas; Keynes, Nathan; Nystrom, Nathaniel; Zeller, Andreas;

An unsound claim can misdirect a field, encouraging the pursuit of unworthy ideas and the abandonment of promising ideas. An inadequate description of a claim can make it difficult to reason about the claim, for example to determine whether the claim is sound. Many prac... View more
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