Alginic acid-derived mesoporous carbon (Starbon®) as template and reducing agent for the hydrothermal synthesis of mesoporous LiMn2O4 grafted by carbonaceous species

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MacQuarrie, Duncan James; Stievano, Lorenzo; Kim, Sanghoon; De Bruyn, Mario Joannes Godelieve; Alauzun, Johan; Louvain, Nicolas; Brun, Nicolas; Boury, Bruno; Monconduit, Laure; Mutin, Hubert;
  • Subject: 1600 | 2105 | 2500

An alginic acid-derived mesoporous carbonaceous material (Starbon® A300) was used as a sacrificial porous template providing both a reducing environment and anchoring sites for LMO precursors, KMnO4 and LiOH. After hydrothermal treatment at 180 °C for 24 h, the resultin... View more
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