Heritage at the Periphery; the York Street vaults, the Roman baths, bath

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Littlefield, D.;
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The York Street vaults form the southern periphery of the Roman Baths, located within the wider World Heritage Site of the city of Bath itself. A long-term study of these vaults have highlighted tensions within contemporary notions of heritage and authenticity; further,... View more
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    2 'Estranged Space' is a small research network founded by Mathew Emmett of the University of of the Arts, London. This group was granted Artist in Residence status at the Roman Baths, Bath, 2009-11. The short film Datum (2012), discussed in this paper, is one of the principal outcomes of the study. in: Cunliffe, B. (2000) Roman Bath Discovered, The History Press. A oconcise more account can be

    3 A full account of the discovery and exploration of the site of the Roman baths in bath can be found found in Cunliffe, B and Bird, S. (2006) The Essential Roman Baths, Scala Publishers. and Conservation' cited below. See also his paper (2009) r'TheComplexity of Authenticity',

    4 Jukka Jokilehto has written a great deal on the subject of authenticity, including the paper 'Authenticity Kunstiteaduslikke Uurimusi 18 no. 3/4, where he develops ideas of authenticity as going beyond truthfulness and original to embracing meaning, 'aura' and cultural values. David Lowenthal's key work p is (1985) The Past is a Foreign Country, Cambridge University Press. See 'Authenticity Past and Present', CRM Journal no. 1, Winter, 2008 for a succinct summary of his thinking. The following paper by Herb s Stovel (2008) provides a useful background to the Nara Document: 'Origins and Influence of the Nara Document on Authenticity', APT Bulletin, vol. 39, no. 2/3, Association for Preservation Technology overview of the subject: 'Authenticity and Historic Preservation: Towards an Authentic History', Hiistory International, pp. 9-17. Further, Randolph Starn's paper (2002) provides a full historical and theoretical of the Human Sciences, vol. 15, no. 1, Sage, pp. t1-16.

    5 Both documents are published by UNESCO-ICOMOS.

    6 Two groups of, approximately, 15 undergraduate students from the Department of Planning and 2010. d Architecture, University of the West of England, visited the site in December 2009 and December s

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