Model-independent measurement of the CKM angle γ using Bº → DK∗º decays with D → K S º π⁺ π⁻ and K S º K⁺K⁻

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Aaij, R; Abellán Beteta, C; Adeva, B; Adinolfi, M; Ajaltouni, Z; Akar, S; Albrecht, J; Alessio, F; Alexander, M; Ali, S; Alkhazov, G; Alvarez Cartelle, P; Alves, AA; Amato, S; Amerio, S; Amhis, Y; An, L; Anderlini, L; Andreassi, G; Andreotti, M; Andrews, JE; Appleby, RB; Aquines Gutierrez, O; Archilli, F; d’Argent, P; Artamonov, A; Artuso, M; Aslanides, E; Auriemma, G; Baalouch, M; ... view all 731 authors
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A binned Dalitz plot analysis of the decays B 0 → DK ∗0, with D → K S 0 π + π − and D → K S 0 K + K −, is performed to measure the observables x ± and y ±, which are related to the CKM angle γ and the hadronic parameters of the decays. The D decay strong phase variation... View more
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