The transition from hospital to community living from mental health patients and carers

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Cooke, Julie;
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This thesis explores the transition from hospital to community living for mental\ud health patients and carers. This period presents a number of challenges and risks\ud for patients and the support from family members throughout this period is\ud invaluable. Through fur... View more
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    2.3.1. Participants Recruitment 2.3.2. Design and materials Design Materials 2.3.3. Procedure 2.3.4. Analysis Validity and quality 2.3.5. Ethics 2.4. Results 2.4.1. Super-ordinate theme 1: 'Being out of the loop' Subordinate theme 1: Feeling disregarded Subordinate theme 2: Surprised and unprepared Super-ordinate theme 1: Summary 2.4.2. Super-ordinate theme 2: 'Getting back on track' Subordinate theme 1: Developing structure and routine Subordinate theme 2: Rebuilding relationships Super-ordinate theme 2: Summary

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