Developing a systems-based framework of the factors influencing dietary and physical activity behaviours in ethnic minority populations living in Europe - a DEDIPAC study

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Holdsworth, M.; Nicolaou, M.; Langøien, L.J.; Osei-Kwasi, H.A.; Chastin, S.F.M.; Stok, F.M.; Capranica, L.; Lien, N.; Terragni, L.; Monsivais, P.; Mazzocchi, M.; Maes, L.; Roos, G.; Mejean, C.; Powell, K.; Stronks, K.;
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BACKGROUND: Some ethnic minority populations have a higher risk of non-communicable diseases than the majority European population. Diet and physical activity behaviours contribute to this risk, shaped by a system of inter-related factors. This study mapped a systems-ba... View more
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