Structural and magnetic properties of ultra-thin Fe films on metal-organic chemical vapour deposited GaN(0001)

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Kim, J-Y.; Ionescu, A.; Mansell, R.; Farrer, I.; Oehler, F.; Kinane, C.J.; Cooper, J.F.K.; Steinke, N-J.; Langridge, S.; Stankiewicz, R.; Humphreys, C.J.; Cowburn, R.P.; Holmes, S.N.; Barnes, C.H.W.;
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Structural and magnetic properties of 1-10 nm thick Fe films deposited on GaN(0001) were investigated. In-situ reflecting high energy electron diffraction images indicated a α-Fe(110)/GaN(0001) growth of the 3D Volmer-Weber type. The α-Fe(110) XRD peak showed a 1° full-... View more
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