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Differential effects of hydrogen peroxide on indices of endothelial cell function.

A Ager; J L Gordon;
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  • Published: 01 Feb 1984
  • Publisher: Rockerfeller University Press
  • Country: United Kingdom
<jats:p>The responses of pig aortic endothelial cells to sublethal doses of potentially toxic stimuli were investigated by monitoring K+ efflux, prostaglandin production, and the release of cytoplasmic purines. Xanthine plus xanthine oxidase reversibly stimulated these three parameters of endothelial cell function at doses that were not cytotoxic, as measured by chromium release, adenine uptake, and vital dye exclusion. The effects of xanthine plus xanthine oxidase were inhibited by catalase but not by superoxide dismutase, suggesting that H2O2 was responsible. Reagent H2O2 also reversibly stimulated K+ efflux, prostaglandin production, and the release of purine...
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