The design of periodic excitations for dynamic system\ud identification

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
McCormack, Anthony Sean
  • Subject: QA | TK

System identification techniques are developed for modelling linear and nonlinear\ud systems. The main results of the work are concerned with the design and utilisation\ud of periodic perturbation signals in general areas of time- and frequency-domain system\ud identification. A design strategy is given for a new class of perturbation signals,\ud together with examples of their use in system identification applications. Signal processing\ud procedures are developed for the practical treatment of drift disturbances\ud and transient effects, and also for the detection of nonlinear contributions to the\ud measurement data. The techniques rely completely on the periodicity of the excitation,\ud and so the advantageous properties of periodic input signals are considered\ud in detail. The use of periodic excitations in discrete- and continuous-time nonlinear\ud system identification is also reported, with the identification methods illustrating\ud the worth of frequency-domain measurements in this area. An automatic tuning\ud procedure for PID controllers is also developed, which illustrates an application of\ud system identification techniques to control problems.
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