Technical Design Report for the PANDA Solenoid and Dipole\ud Spectrometer Magnets

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Erni, W.; Clarkson, T.; Cowie, E.; Downie, E.; Hill, G.; Hoek, M.; Ireland, D.; Kaiser, R.; Keri, T.; Lehmann, I.; Livingston, K.; Lumsden, S.; MacGregor, D.; McKinnon, B.; Murray, M.; Protopopescu, D.; Rosner, G.; Seitz, B.; Yang, G.; The PANDA collaboration;
  • Publisher: FAIR
  • Subject: QC

This document is the Technical Design Report covering the two large spectrometer magnets of the PANDA detector set-up. It\ud shows the conceptual design of the magnets and their anticipated performance. It precedes the tender and procurement of the magnets and, hence, i... View more
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