How good are we at recognizing and treating pelvic inflammatory disease?

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May, Heather ; McDowell, Joan (2016)

The aim of this discursive article is to highlight the challenges for clinicians when diagnosing and\ud treating women with pelvic inflammatory disease, especially when the woman has an intrauterine device\ud in-situ. The article will highlight key areas of the decision making process involved in this specific example\ud and will include discussions on evidence based practice, clinician experience, knowledge base and patient\ud preference. Current clinical guidelines are conflicting on whether an intra-uterine contraceptive device\ud should be removed or not when pelvic inflammatory disease is suspected. Research on clinicians found\ud that they appear to have a relatively low level of knowledge with regards to both pelvic inflammatory\ud disease diagnosis, and general intra-uterine contraceptive device use. The importance of patient\ud preference is another factor to consider, with particular focus on potential issues with clinician delivered\ud patient education. Recommendations for future practice, policy and research also will be discussed.
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