PREDICT Plus: development and validation of a prognostic\ud model for early breast cancer that includes HER2.

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Wishart, G.C.; Bajdik, C.D.; Dicks, E.; Provenzano, E.; Schmidt, M.K.; Sherman, M.; Greenberg, D.C.; Green, A.R.; Gelmon, K.A.; Kosma, V.M.; Olson, J.E.; Beckmann, M.W.; Winqvist, R.; Cross, S.S.; Severi, G.; Huntsman, D.; Pylkäs, K.; Ellis, I.; Nielsen, T.O.; Giles, G.; Blomqvist, C.; Fasching, P.A.; Couch, F.J.; Rakha, E.; Foulkes, W.D.; Blows, F.M.; Bégin, L.R.; van't Veer, L.J.; Southey, M.; Nevanlinna, H.; ... view all 37 authors
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    mesheuropmc: skin and connective tissue diseases

Background: Predict ( is an online, breast cancer prognostication and treatment benefit tool. The aim of this\ud study was to incorporate the prognostic effect of HER2 status in a new version (Predict þ ), and to compare its performance with the\ud or... View more
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