Role of antibodies and T cells in pigeon fanciers' lung

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Nademi, Zohreh;
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Abstract: Introduction: Pigeon fanciers’ lung (PFL) is one of the most common forms of hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) in the UK. Generally it is considered that PFL is caused by immune complexes, however, this does not explain why some fanciers are asymptomatic despi... View more
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    2: Hypothesis and Aims 2.1: Hypothesis: 2.2: Aims:

    3: Materials and Methods: 3.1: Preparation of Pigeon Intestinal Mucin: 3.2: Preparing the Trypsinised Mucin: 3.3: Preparing Pigeon Droppings: 3.4: Pigeon Serum: 3.5: Periodic Acid Schiffs for Carbohydrate Estimation: 3.6: Bio-Rad Technique for Protein Estimation: 3.7: Human Subjects: 3.8: ELISA Checker Board Analysis: 3.9: IgG ELISA: 3.10: IgG Subclasses ELISA: 3.11: Measurement of Antibody Avidity by Inhibition ELISA: 3.12: Isothermal Microcalorimeter: 3.13: Isolation of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells: 3.14: Counting the Cells by Haemocytometer: 3.15: Culture Media: 3.16: Generation of EBV transformed B cell lines: 3.16.1: EBV/ Cyclosporin Transformed B cell lines: 3.16.2: EBV/ Polymyxin B Transformed B cells:

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