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Microbiological assessment and evaluation of rehydration instructions on powdered infant formulas, follow-up formulas, and infant foods in Malaysia

Abdullah Sani, N; Harantyo, SHP; Forsythe, SJ;
  • Published: 01 Jan 2013
  • Publisher: American Dairy Science Association
  • Country: Italy
Abstract A total of 90 samples comprising powdered infant formulas (n=51), follow-up formulas (n=21), and infant foods (n=18) from 15 domestic and imported brands were purchased from various retailers in Klang Valley, Malaysia and evaluated in terms of microbiological quality and the similarity of rehydration instructions on the product label to guidelines set by the World Health Organization. Microbiological analysis included the determination of aerobic plate count (APC) and the presence of Enterobacteriaceae and Cronobacter spp. Isolates of interest were identified using ID 32E (bioMerieux France, Craponne, France). In this study, 87% of powdered infant formu...
free text keywords: Food Science, Animal Science and Zoology, Genetics, Enterobacter, biology.organism_classification, biology, Health organization, Enterobacter cloacae, Citrobacter, Cronobacter species, Product Label, Cronobacter, Klebsiella, Medicine, business.industry, business
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