Caregiver wellbeing in psychosis services

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Butler, Lucy
  • Subject: BF515 | RC512 | RA790
    mesheuropmc: animal structures

The study aimed to examine the relationship between wellbeing, burden, distress and third-wave factors, including self-compassion and psychological flexibility, in caregivers of people with psychosis. The study secondly aimed to trial a new brief group intervention, combining Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion-focused Therapy (CFT) for this population. \ud Twenty-nine participants were assessed at baseline on primary measures of wellbeing, distress, psychological flexibility and self-compassion. Secondary factors including burden and mindfulness were also collected. Correlation analyses were used. Fourteen participants completed the group in intervention and follow-up measures, and pre-post investigations were employed. \ud Lower levels of psychological flexibility and self-compassion were related to lower levels of wellbeing and higher levels of burden and distress. There was a potential mediating effect of psychological flexibility on the relationship between self-compassion and wellbeing. The group intervention was acceptable to caregivers, and there were significant positive changes in self-compassion, distress, burden and mindfulness.\ud The study adds to the existing data regarding wellbeing and burden in caregivers of people with psychosis. This study provides new insights into the factors of self-compassion and psychological flexibility within this population. The ACT with Compassion intervention is a promising, brief intervention which would benefit from further application and evaluation.
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