Robust and stepwise optimization design for CO2 pipeline transportation

Article English OPEN
Tian, Q. ; Zhao, D. ; Li, Z. ; Zhu, Q. (2017)

tCarbon capture, utilization, storage (CCUS) technology is an effective means to reduce the CO2emissions.It has been noted that engineering and economic design of the pipeline transportation are importantcomponents for CCUS. However, the uncertainties of the pipeline transportation model may make aninfeasible design in practice and cause unnecessary cost. In this paper, a novel robust optimization methodis proposed for CO2pipeline transportation design, which can deal with the multiple uncertainties. Astepwise method is presented to further improve the optimization performance. The proposed optimalalgorithm is validated by using numerical studies, which shows that the proposed approach can dealwith the multiple uncertainties and improve the design performance in comparison with the existing
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