Does intelligent life exist beyond our planet? An exercise in estimation and problem solving

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Bullough, Andy;
  • Publisher: Association for Science Education

In this activity, students use the famous Drake equation to estimate the probability of\ud intelligent life existing elsewhere in our galaxy. Many students (some fascinated by the possibility\ud of life beyond our planet) will be interested in this activity once they re... View more
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    1 Fill in each probability as you work through the presentation.

    2 Calculate your answer. ©CrownCopyright2011 Pencil and paper methods to calculate answers for... Page3 ...the Drake Equation “Is anyone out there?” N = R× f p × ne × fl × fi × fc × L 1 Work out the answers to the Drake equation using the fol owing numbers.

    1 200,00R0,000,000 0f.2p n2e 0.f0l03 0.0f0i5 0.f00c2 0.0L03

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