The effect of visibility in the integration of lean and agile for supply chains

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Wang, Xin (Researcher in manufacturing);
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Over the last two decades, supply chain researchers have sought to find appropriate ways of achieving lean and agile “LeAgile” supply chains. However, the differences in the priorities of the lean and agile paradigms multiply the challenges in lean and agile combination... View more
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    1. I would like to express gratitude to Dr. Jay Bal, my supervisor, for his guidance, support and friendship.

    2. I also would like to thank for the staff of Warwick Manufacturing Group who provided the opportunity and support for this research.

    3. I really appreciate the participation and contribution of the following MSc students of Warwick manufacturing Group: Feng Luo, Markos Serifios, Perizat Zholdybekova, Yue Yu, Ziyue Feng, Ajibola Akano, Asad Raza, Jiang Tao, Jonathan Sing, and Zhuowei Deng.

    4. I would like convey my sincere thanks to my parents Feng Wang and Ruiqin Wang and my sister Yiqian Wang for their endless support and encouragement during this research.

    5. And I would like to say 'thank you' to my friends, Xiao Ma, Yang Yu, Honghong Dai, Santhosh Vijaykumar, Mohammad Nabavieh, Ahmad Issa and other staff of Warwick Manufacturing Group for their interest, support and valuable advice.

    6. Especially, I would like give my special thanks my wife, Jie Chu whose patient and endless love drive me to complete this work.

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