Abelian Hall Fluids and Edge States: a Conformal Field Theory Approach

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De Martino, A. ; Musto, R. (1995)

We show that a Coulomb gas Vertex Operator representation of 2D Conformal Field Theory gives a complete description of abelian Hall fluids: as an euclidean theory in two space dimensions leads to the construction of the ground state wave function for planar and toroidal geometry and characterizes the spectrum of low energy excitations; as a $1+1$ Minkowski theory gives the corresponding dynamics of the edge states. The difference between a generic Hall fluid and states of the Jain's sequences is emphasized and the presence, in the latter case, of of an $\hat {U}(1)\otimes \hat {SU}(n)$ extended algebra and the consequent propagation on the edges of a single charged mode and $n-1$ neutral modes is discussed.
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