Shear behaviour of steel-fibre-reinforced concrete simply supported beams

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Abbas, Ali A. ; Syed Mohsin, Sharifah M. ; Cotsovos, Demetrios M. ; Ruiz-Teran, Ana M. (2014)
  • Publisher: Thomas Telford (ICE Publishing)

The structural behaviour of steel-fibre-reinforced concrete beams was studied using non-linear finite-element analysis\ud and existing experimental data. The work aim was to examine the potential of using steel fibres to reduce the\ud amount of conventional transverse steel reinforcement without compromising ductility and strength requirements set\ud out in design codes. To achieve this, the spacing between shear links was increased while steel fibres were added as a\ud substitute. Parametric studies were subsequently carried out and comparisons were also made with BS EN 1992-1-1\ud predictions. It was concluded that the addition of steel fibres enhanced the load-carrying capacity and also altered\ud the failure mode from a brittle shear mode to a flexural ductile one. The provision of fibres also improved ductility.\ud However, interestingly it was found that adding excessive amounts of fibres led to a less-ductile response. Overall,\ud the study confirmed the potential for fibres to compensate for a reduction in conventional shear reinforcement.
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