Can Developmental AIS Provides Immunity to a Multi-cellular Robotics System?

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Mokhtar, Maizura ; Liu, Yang (Jerry) (2010)

The major challenge to multi-cellular robotics system is how to ensure the system is homeostatically stable. This position paper pro- poses a developmental artificial immune system (dev-AIS) framework that tries to provide and maintain homeostasis to the multi-cellular robotics system. If immunity is defined as the ability to maintain home- ostasis; the dev-AIS framework will be designed based on the under- standing and the abstraction of how different organisms attain for this property through evolution and developmental process. Early form of In- nate Immunity evolve from the predator-and-anti prey relationship of the single-celled organism. Progress in evolution drove the evolution of im- munity from this simple relationship to the development of the immune system in multi-cellular organisms.
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