The origin and evolution of the Siletz terrane in Oregon, Washington and Vancouver Island

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The Siletz terrane, a predominantly mafic accreted oceanic terrane, is located in the Cascadia Forearc region of Oregon, Washington and Vancouver Island. The terrane represents a late Palaeocene – Eocene large igneous province\ud that consists of pillow lavas, massive f... View more
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    1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Rationale 1.2 Objectives 1.3 Thesis Structure

    2. GEOLOGICAL OVERVIEW 2.1 Accreted Oceanic Terranes 2.2 Large Igneous Provinces 2.2.1 Oceanic Plateaus 2.2.2 Oceanic Plateau Characteristics 2.2.3 Oceanic Plateau (LIP) Formation and Accretion 2.2.4 Environmental Impact of Oceanic Plateaus 2.3 Regional Geology 2.3.1 Cordilleran Geology Overview 2.3.2 Yellowstone Hotspot Columbia River Flood Basalts 2.4 Overview of the Siletz Terrane 2.4.1 Mantle Plume models for the Siletz terrane 2.4.2 Alternative models for the Siletz terrane 2.4.3 Accretion of the Siletz terrane 2.5 Palaeocene Eocene Thermal Maximum 2.6 Summary

    3. GEOLOGY OF THE SILETZ TERRANE AND 1 1 1 2 5 5 5 6 8 9 11 12 12 14 17 19 23 25 28 29 31 Sobolev, A. , Hofmann, A. W., Kuzmin, D. , Yaxley, G. M., Arndt, N. T., Chung, S.-L., Danyushevsky, L. , Elliott, T., Frey, F. A., and Garcia, M. O., 2007. The amount of recycled crust in sources of mantle-derived melts: Science, 316, no. 5823, p. 412-417.

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