Durability of CaO-CaZrO sorbents for high-temperature CO capture prepared by a wet chemical method

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Zhao, M ; Bilton, M ; Brown, AP ; Cunliffe, AM ; Dvininov, E ; Dupont, V ; Comyn, TP ; Milne, SJ (2014)
  • Publisher: American Chemical Society

Powders of CaO sorbent modified with CaZrO have been synthesized by a wet chemical route. For carbonation and calcination conditions relevant to sorbent-enhanced steam reforming applications, a powder of composition 10 wt % CaZrO/90 wt % CaO showed an initial rise in CO uptake capacity in the first 10 carbonation-decarbonation cycles, increasing from 0.31 g of CO/g of sorbent in cycle 1 to 0.37 g of CO/g of sorbent in cycle 10 and stabilizing at this value for the remainder of the 30 cycles tested, with carbonation at 650 C in 15% CO and calcination at 800 C in air. Under more severe conditions of calcination at 950 C in 100% CO, following carbonation at 650 C in 100% CO, the best overall performance was for a sorbent with 30 wt % CaZrO/70 wt % CaO (the highest Zr ratio studied), with an initial uptake of 0.36 g of CO/g of sorbent, decreasing to 0.31 g of CO /g of sorbent at the 30th cycle. Electron microscopy revealed that CaZrO was present in the form of ≤0.5 μm cuboid and 20-80 nm particles dispersed within a porous matrix of CaO/CaCO; the nanoparticles are considered to be the principal reason for promoting multicycle durability.
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