Managing the Process of Decentralization: Transforming Old Public Entities into New Agencies in the Agricultural Sector

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Asquer, Alberto (2012)

In an effort to reconfigure the system for the delivery of agricultural services, the Regional Government of Sardinia in Italy decided, in 2006, to suppress five public entities, and to establish three regional agencies in their place. Based on interviews conducted with managers and staff within these agencies, this paper narrates the episode of implementing the organizational restructuring of this part of the regional government's agricultural policy. Drawing on this case, this paper then presents an explanation of the process of carrying out organizational transformations (namely, mergers and demergers) within sub-national governments' administrative systems. The study finds that policy process features and context conditions figure prominently as explanatory factors for the path and outcome of the implementation of the organizational restructuring. On the whole, the research argument made in this paper suggests some qualifications of existing generalizing arguments about the management of organizational transformations in the public sector.
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