Animal cell cytokinesis: the role of dynamic changes in the plasma membrane proteome and lipidome

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Gould, Gwyn W. (2016)

In animal cells, cytokinesis is characterised by the formation of the mitotic spindle that signals the assembly of an actomyosin ring between the spindle poles. Contraction of this ring drives ingression of the cleavage furrow, and culminates in the formation of a thin intercellular bridge between the daughter cells. At the centre of this bridge is the midbody, which is thought both to provide a site of attachment for the plasma membrane furrow and act as foci for the spatial and temporal control mechanisms that drive abscission. This review will focus upon recent studies that offer new insight into these events, in particular studies that elaborate on the mechanism of attachment between the furrow plasma membrane and the underlying cytoskeleton, and how dynamic changes in membrane composition might underpin key aspects of cytokinesis.
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