10 Mb/s visible light transmission system using a polymer light-emitting diode with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

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Le, Son T. ; Kanesan, T. ; Bausi, F. ; Haigh, P.A. ; Rajbhandari, S. ; Ghassemlooy, Z. ; Papakonstantinou, I. ; Popoola, W.O. ; Burton, A. ; Le Minh, H. ; Cacialli, F. ; Ellis, A.D. (2014)

<p>We present a newly designed polymer light-emitting diode with a bandwidth of similar to 350 kHz for high-speed visible light communications. Using this new polymer light-emitting diode as a transmitter, we have achieved a record transmission speed of 10 Mb/s for a polymer light-emitting diode-based optical communication system with an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technique, matching the performance of single carrier formats using multitap equalization. For achieving such a high data-rate, a power pre-emphasis technique was adopted. (C) 2014 Optical Society of America</p>
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