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Haworth, Guy (2012)
  • Publisher: The International Games Association

The DTZ metric indicates the minimaxed 'Depth To Zeroing of the ply-count' for decisive positions. Ronald de Man's DTZ50' metric is a variant of the DTZ metric as moderated by the FIDE 50-move draw-claim rule. DTZ50'-depths are given to '50-move-rule draws' as well as to unconditionally decisive positions. This note defines a two-dimensional taxonomy of positions implicitly defined by DTZ50'. 'Decisive' positions may have values of (wins/losses) v =1/-1 or v = 2/-2. A position's depth in the new DTZ50' metric may be greater than, equal to or less than its DTZ depth. The six parts of the taxonomy are examined in detail, and illustrated by some 40 positions and 16 lines. Positions, lines and the annotation of these lines are supplied in the ancillary data files.
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