RECOVEU Policy and Practice Review: Work Package 3 - Establishing context. Grundtvig Multilateral - EU Lifelong Learning Programme. Project Number: 538955-LLP-1-2013-1-UK-GRUNDTVIG-GMP

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Rowley, Jane; SLACK, Kim; Hughes, Amanda; Patouris, Eliza; Themistokleous, Sotiris; Solomou, Maria; Varga, Claudia; Amariei, Nicoleta; Copoeru, Ion; Stanceanu, Mihaela; McAlleenan, Gerry; Dillon, Sonya; Nocente, Marilena; Catalfio, Federica; Fabrizi, Gabriella;
  • Publisher: RECOVEU consortium
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    mesheuropmc: mental disorders

A review of the policy relating to drug addiction and treatment in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Romania and Italy. \ud This document provides the contextual background for the RECOVEU project : A participative approach to curriculum development for adults in addiction recov... View more
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