Strategies to Support PGCE Mathematics and Science Students Preparing for Assignments at Masters Level

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Tas, Maarten; Forsythe, Sue;
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The main aim of this study was to analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of support strategies being put into place for students who need to write assignments at Masters Level. In preparation for writing a 5000 word assignment on an aspect of teaching Mathematics or Sci... View more
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    Sluijsmans, J., Brand-Gruwl. S., van Merriemboer, J.G., and Bastiaens, T.J. (2003) 4. What support was most helpful to you? Why? Student 1 - erm - In the sessions it was really helpful having examples of other peoples' work so that you can see…well, it just means you can see how it was marked. It shows the amount of information and depth of the reading you're required to do to be able to attempt the M level that was quite helpful - erm - Having someone else look through the synopsis when we first starting out doing it was helpful because it gave you some ideas, maybe ways you can explore in more detail, different to someone else's' perspective on your writing and where else you can go to it. It helped with focus. Student 2 Yeah - I think looking at exemplars of - erm - of past students' work was most helpful. What was difficult for - eh- the how Science works or the nature of Science essays that there were no… no exemplars were provided for that particular topic and so that made it quite difficult - erm - so that looking at past papers and past examples is very helpful. Looking at students' - erm - and having people looking at your synopsis is very helpful, although I did feel that that kind of peer analysis of each other's work is less helpful. What would have been more helpful was - erm - a more detailed analysis from the tutor - erm - of the synopsis. That would have been more helpful.

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