Bicatalytic multistep reactions en route to the one-pot total synthesis of complex molecules: easy access to chromene and 1,2-dihydroquinoline derivatives from simple substrates

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Giorgi, Pascal D. ; Miedziak, Peter John ; Edwards, Jennifer Kelly ; Hutchings, Graham John ; Antoniotti, Sylvain (2017)

By combining nanocatalysis and base-catalysis, a novel one-pot multistep process was found for the synthesis of substituted heterocycles of biological relevance from simple substrates. It is based on an initial Au/O2 oxidation of allylic alcohols followed by a base-catalysed tandem hetero-Michael/aldolisation/crotonisation with ortho-hydroxy or ortho-amino benzaldehydes. The flexibility of the reaction even allowed the benzaldehyde partner to be prepared in situ in an example of one-pot/5-steps process.
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