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Learning in clinical practice: findings from CT, MRI and PACS

Sinozic, Tanja;
Open Access English
  • Published: 14 Jun 2014
  • Country: United Kingdom
This thesis explores learning in clinical practice in the cases of CT, MRI and PACS in\ud UK hospitals. It asks the questions of how and why certain evolutionary features of\ud technology condition learning and change in medical contexts.\ud Using an evolutionary perspective of cognitive and social aspects of technological\ud change, this thesis explores the relationships between technology and organisational\ud learning processes of intuition, interpretation, integration and institutionalisation.\ud Technological regimes are manifested in routines, skills and artefacts, and dynamically\ud evolve with knowledge accumulation processes at the individual, group and...
free text keywords: R895, RC0071
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311 references, page 1 of 21
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