Quasi-phase-matched Faraday rotation in semiconductor waveguides with a magnetooptic cladding for monolithically integrated optical isolators

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Hutchings, D.C. ; Holmes, B.M. ; Zhang, Cui ; Dulal, Prabesh ; Block, Andrew D. ; Sung, Sang-Yeob ; Seaton, Nicholas C. A. ; Stadler, Bethanie J. H. (2013)

Strategies are developed for obtaining nonreciprocal polarization mode conversion, also known as Faraday rotation, in waveguides in a format consistent with silicon-on-insulator or III–V semiconductor photonic integrated circuits. Fabrication techniques are developed using liftoff lithography and sputtering to obtain garnet segments as upper claddings, which have an evanescent wave interaction with the guided light. A mode solver approach is used to determine the modal Stokes parameters for such structures, and design considerations indicate that quasi-phase-matched Faraday rotation for optical isolator applications could be obtained with devices on the millimeter length scale.
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