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Lal, Brij V
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The British Documents on the End of Empire Project (BDEEP) is an initiative of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. Established in 1987 under the auspices of the British Academy, the Project has since published 18 volumes containing an annotated selection of official documents from the UK National Archives, charting British withdrawal from its colonial territories. Electronic versions of these volumes have been made available with the support of The Stationary Office under an Open Government Licence. Series B Volume 10 on 'Fiji' was published in 2006 and edited by Brij V Lal.
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    Garvey, Ronald Herbert, 1903-1991 Knighted 1950; Trent College and Emmanuel, Cambridge; colonial service from 1926, attached to Western Pacific High Commission, Suva; district officer, British Solomon Islands, 1927-1932; assistant secretary, Western Pacific High Commission, 1932-1940; acted as resident commissioner on various occasions for Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony; assistant to resident commissioner, New Hebrides Condominium, 1940-1941; acted as resident commissioner on various occasions for New Hebrides Condominium; district officer, Nyasaland, 1942-1944; administrator, St Vincent, Windward Islands, 1944- 1948; acted as governor, Windward Islands, 1946, 1948; governor, Fiji, and senior commissioner for UK on South Pacific Commission, 1952- 1958; ambassador plenipotentiary, Tonga, 1958; lieutenant-governor, Isle of Man, 1959-1966

    Hall, Harold Percival, 1913- Portsmouth Grammar School and Royal Military College, Sandhurst; commissioned Indian Army, 1933; Indian Political Service, 1937-1947; principal, CO, 1947; assistant secretary and head of Pacific & Indian Ocean Dept, CO, 1955-1962; seconded to Office of UK Commissioner for SE Asia, 1962-1963; UK deputy high commissioner for Eastern Malaysia, Kuching, Sarawk, 1963-1964; assistant secretary, CO, 1965-1966; assistant under-secretary of state, Commonwealth Office, 1966-1968;

    Ministry of Defence, 1968-1973

    Jakeway, (Francis) Derek, 1915-1993 Knighted 1963; Hele's School, Exeter and Exeter, Oxford; administrative service, Nigeria, 1937-1954; seconded to Seychelles, 1946-1949, to CO, 1949-1951; chief secretary, British Guiana, 1954-1959; chief secretary, Sarawak, 1959-1963; governor, Fiji, 1964-1968

    Koya, Siddiq Moidin, 1923-1993 Educated Fiji, Auckland and Tasmania where he obtained his LLB; returned to Fiji, 1955; involved in private practice as legal adviser to several sugar growers unions; elected to Legislative Council, 1963; cofounder of Federation Party; instrumental in persuading Apisai Tora to affiliate his National Democratic Party with Federation, leading to formation of National Federation Party, 1969; prominent as political leader and deputy to A D Patel; leader of Opposition, 1969; played a key role in negotiations leading to independence

    Lloyd, (George) Peter, 1926- Stowe School and King's, Cambridge; lieutenant, King's Royal Rifle Corps, 1945-1948; district officer, Kenya, 1951-1960; principal, CO, 1960- 1961; colonial secretary, Seychelles, 1961-1966; chief secretary, Fiji, 1966-1970; defence secretary, Hong Kong, 1971-1974; deputy governor, Bermuda, 1974-1981

    1896-1968 Knighted 1947; Rossall and Gonville and Caius, Cambridge; CO from 1921 (from Ministry of Health); secretary, Palestine Commission, 1929-1930; secretary, West Indies Royal Com-

    Macdonald, Patrick Donald, 1909-1987 Marlborough College and St John's, Cambridge; cadet officer, Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony, 1932, administrative officer, 1936, secretary to government, 1935-1936, 1938- 1939; assistant secretary, Western Pacific High Commission, 1940- 1942; assistant colonial secretary, Trinidad, 1942-1945; Fiji administrative officer, 1946; assistant colonial secretary, 1946-1949; colonial secretary, governor's deputy, acting governor, Leeward Islands, 1950- 1957; colonial secretary and acting governor, Fiji, 1957-1966

    Maddocks, Kenneth (Phipson), 1907-

    2001 Knighted 1958; Bromsgrove School and Wadham, Oxford; administrative service, Nigeria, 1929; civil secretary, Northern Region, Nigeria, 1955- 1957; deputy governor, 1957-1958; governor, Fiji, 1958-1963

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