A procedure for setting up high-throughput nanolitre crystallization experiments. II. Crystallization results

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Brown, J; Walter, T S; Carter, L; Abrescia, N G A; Aricescu, A R; Batuwangala, T D; Bird, L E; Brown, N; Chamberlain, P P; Davis, S J; Dubinina, E; Endicott, J; Fennelly, J A; Gilbert, R J C; Harkiolaki, M; Hon, W-C; Kimberley, F; Love, C A; Mancini, E J; Manso-Sancho, R; Nichols, C E; Robinson, R A; Sutton, G C; Schueller, N; Sleeman, M C; Stewart-Jones, G B; Vuong, M; Welburn, J; Zhang, Z; Stammers, D K; ... view all 34 authors

An initial tranche of results from day-to-day use of a robotic system for setting up 100 nl-scale vapour-diffusion sitting-drop protein crystallizations has been surveyed. The database of over 50 unrelated samples represents a snapshot of projects currently at the stage... View more
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