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The cinematic construction of physical disability as identified through the application of the social model of disability to six indicative films made since 1970 : A day in the death of Joe Egg (1970), The raging moon (1970), The elephant man (1980), Whose life is it anyway? (1981), Duet for one (1987) and My left foot (1989)

Darke, Paul Anthony;
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  • Country: United Kingdom
In writing this thesis I have tried to get beneath the clichés of disability imagery to reveal\ud the social constructions, through cinematic processes, of images of physical impairment as\ud disability. The thesis must be seen in the context of other writers who have done similar\ud work on other marginalised groups within our society that are regularly portrayed on the\ud cinema screen: gays, blacks, women and, to a lesser extent, the working-class. The\ud construction of school of writers, using representation theory, who have over the last two\ud decades revealed that which had previously been taken for granted - the ideological and\ud cultural influences on...
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