The direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide using\ud bimetallic, gold and palladium, supported catalysts

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Shaw, Greg;
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In this thesis the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxygen using\ud gold-palladium supported catalysts is described. The direct route presents a greener and\ud sustainable alternative to the current industrial manufacture process. This work aims t... View more
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    5.1 Introduction - A biphasic Solvent System for Direct H2O2 Synthesis 5.2 Choice of a Suitable Organic Solvent 5.2.1 Direct H2O2 Synthesis 5.2.2 H2O Solubility 5.2.3 Stability of the Solvent 5.3 Determining the H2O2 Concentration in a Biphasic Solvent System 5.4 Choice of a Suitable Catalyst 5.4.1 Direct H2O2 Synthesis 5.4.2 H2O2 Hydrogenation 5.4.3 Discussion 5.5 The Effect of Reaction Variables on H2O2 Concentration 5.5.1 The Effect of Decan-1-ol/H2O ratio 5.5.2 The Effect of Solvent Mass and Catalyst Loading 5.5.3 The Effect of Reaction Time 5.5.4 The Effect of Stirring Speed 5.5.5 The Effect of Pressure 5.5.6 Discussion 5.6 Increasing H2O2 Concentration Using Ceria Supported Catalysts 5.6.1 Ceria Supported Catalysts 1.

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