A comparative experiment for the analysis of microwave and thermal process induced strains of carbon fiber/bismaleimide composite materials

Article English OPEN
Li, Nanya ; Li, Yingguang ; Hao, Xiaozhong ; Gao, James (2015)

Carbon fiber reinforced bismaleimide composites provide many outstanding properties and are widely used in aerospace applications. However, cure-induced strains are present in virtually all composites that severely impact on the whole service lifecycle of composite components. This paper will demonstrate that the cure-induced strains can be drastically reduced in fiber/ bismaleimide composites using the microwave curing process. Nearly 95% reduction of cure-induced strains has been achieved compared with the conventional thermal heating process. The microwave manufacturing cycle for composites was only 36% of the thermal processing cycle. When using the microwave process, the spring-in angle of an L-shaped part was reduced by about 1.2┬░Compared by using thermal heating.
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