Observation of Bs0->J/ψf'2(1525) in J/ψK+K- final states

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Back, J. J.; Dossett, D.; Gershon, T. J.; Harrison, P. F.; Kreps, Michal; Latham, Thomas; Pilar, T.; Poluektov, Anton; Reid, Matthew M.; Silva Coutinho, R.; Whitehead, M. (Mark); Williams, M. P.; HASH(0x5576ca5e4038);

The decay Bs0→J/ψK+K- is investigated using 0.16  fb-1 of data collected with the LHCb detector using 7 TeV pp collisions. Although the J/ψϕ channel is well known, final states at higher K+K- masses have not previously been studied. In the K+K- mass spectrum we observe ... View more
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